Why Sell

    “The recent purchase of a billboard easement by Outdoor Equities was a relatively clear and easy transaction. They obviously have a lot of experience in this, and told me up front the fees, steps, and process that I had to go thru in order to consummate this transaction. The purchase price they offered was fair, and payment was prompt.”
    – Michael F –Danville, VA

    Have you thought about the possibilities?

    Invest in Property • Pay Off Debt • Invest in the Market • Pay college tuition • Grow your business • Admire your larger bank account

    Why Landowners Sell their Billboard Lease

    Billboard Landowners usually have a lease on their property which allows a billboard company such as Lamar, Fairway, Outfront, Clear Channel, etc. to install their sign. Most billboard land leases provide the property owner with an annual payment and provide the sign company with a small space to display their sign. A billboard land lease is certainly less risky than a commercial tenant lease, however they are unique and do come with their share of concerns. Billboard tenant lease risks include unexpected vacancies, permanent changes in traffic patterns, weather damage, industry consolidation, etc.

    Have you considered the rule of 72?

    1. The Rule of 72 is a mathematical formula that calculates how many years it will take your investment to double.

    2. 72 ÷ compound annual interest rate = Number of years until your investment doubles.

    3. A lump sum payment from Outdoor Equities is strong protection against loss of income from inflation and other risks.

    Curious about the math?

    Interested in learning more about how the Rule of 72 can work in your favor? Read more information here about how this works and how taking advantage of a payment from us can help protect you in the future.