Billboard Landlords can sell their lease for a lump sum payment.

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We evaluate and buy billboard lease contracts from landowners

We are an investment company solely focused on helping property owners with an active billboard lease on their land turn that lease into immediate cash. Outdoor Equities LLC will purchase your current billboard lease in the form of a perpetual easement for a CASH lump sum payment.

Billboard Lease Answers

You can sell your active billboard lease to Outdoor Equities LLC in the form of an easement for a lump sum CASH payment.

Tax advantages exist when taking a lump sum payment over annual lease payments.

Some leases can be terminated by the sign company within 30 days written notice. A sale to Outdoor Equities LLC guarantees your cash.



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Billboard lease landlord options

Big billboard companies are profiting from the sale of outdoor advertising space. Hundreds of thousands of property owners are also doing well as billboard landlords. Advertising sign owners can range in size from a few displays to owning displays in most of the major markets across the U.S. Some of the larger outdoor advertising companies are Adams, CBS, Clear Channel, Fairview, Lamar, Olympus and Van Wagner. Billboard companies generally utilize long term land leases with property owners for a small portion of property on which to construct and display a billboard sign. Property owners (generally known as billboard landlords) receive an annual or monthly billboard land lease check.

Billboard leases can be sold

Are you a billboard landlord waiting for that next check? You can sell your lease to Outdoor Equities as a perpetual easement and receive a lump sum cash payment. Taking a lump sum payment now guarantees an obvious payment amount and removes the fear of future payments being terminated for a variety of reasons. Additionally serious tax benefits are gained with an easement transaction.

Billboard leases have a cash value

A cash buyout of your billboard lease could be used to pay off debts (does it make sense to pay interest on money you may currently have borrowed ?), paying for your children's college tuition, daughter's wedding, even another home or investment property while taking advantage of a 1031. We are experienced with billboard lease evaluation and buyouts. Outdoor Equities has the expertise and funds to properly value and purchase your lease.

Evaluate your property and billboard lease

If you own property containing an active billboard lease you now have another choice before you. The procedure for selling a billboard easement to Outdoor Equities is quite simple. Contact Outdoor Equities for an evaluation and quote. We will evaluate your property and current lease and prepare an offer for you. Having a copy of your current billboard land lease available will make quoting your transaction easier. Once we have your approval we conduct a title search, execute the billboard easement agreement, and pay you!

My property is not close to Outdoor Equities offices, does that matter?

No. While calling Pennsylvania home has been an advantage in our ability to work face to face with billboard lease holders, we work with property owners across the United States. Pennsylvania is home to an estimated 14,172 billboard advertising displays. We consider ourselves fortunate to be within driving distance of Maryland, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Delaware, and New York. That being said we have assisted property owners in Florida, Texas, California and in many other states.